live @ WORM Rotterdam: “Soundhouse #1” with FIQ | co-curation with Angeliki Kardamaki & Fani Konstantinidou_13.01.2017

Participated in the first of “Soundhouse” series with FIQ: Free Improvisation Quintet, consisting of Laura Agnusdei, Liew Niyomkarn, Aidan Gross and Dalton Danks.

Co-curated the even with Angeliki Kardamaki & Fani Konstantinidou


Ever wondered what the WORM Pirate Bay Media Archive sounds like? On January 13th we’re inviting a selection of composers and sound artists in the Dutch experimental scene to explore and link their practice to our media archive. They will focus on visual music, free improvisation, electroacoustic compositions, sound poetry, field recordings, soundscapes, sound identities and much more… Various items from the archive will be exposed and used in different and unique performances.
1. Open Listening Foyer with selected sound pieces from the WORM Pirate Bay

Pierre Schaeffer – Cinq études de bruits (1948)
Pauline Oliveros – V Of IV (1966)
Luigi Russolo – Risveglio di una Città (1913)

The WPB Team will present 3 totally different electroacoustic and early avant-garde pieces as a small introduction before the three live acts. During the playback the visitor-listener will read pop-up written comments on the waveform of each piece.

2. Free Improvisation Quintet – Sonic experiments on “The man with the movie camera” (Dziga Vertov, 1929)The Free Improvisation Quintet is a group of students currently studying at the Institute of Sonology in the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague. They explore familiar and unfamiliar sounds as a collective. On Friday, they will improvise alongside an excerpt from the avant-garde film “The man with the movie camera” by Dziga Vertov, 1929.

3. Sound Topographies #6 – live electronicsFani Konstantinidou is a sound artist, composer and music researcher based in the Netherlands. Sound Topographies is an ongoing research project focusing on cultural identities in music composition by gathering recordings from different places and spaces as well as re-creating real and imaginary landscapes during the live performances.

Listen here:

4. Excerpts from the YappiScopeJaap Blonk is a self-taught composer, performer and poet. The YappiScope is Jaap’s first full show with visual projections. It contains new videos, scores he wanders through, interactive animations, live sound to silent films and other new multi-media work. It will be the first performance of it in the Netherlands.

Listen here: