curation @ WORM Rotterdam: “Soundhouse #3″_15.03.2018

Curated “Soundhouse #3” at WORM Rotterdam, featuring Milos Cathals and Vladimir Vlaev

Continuing last year’s successful recipe, the WORM Pirate Bay Media Archive invites a selection of composers/sound artists/perfomers from the Dutch experimental scene to explore and link their practice to its archive. With the help of our volunteers they will spend some time and walk around the archive to choose various items that later will be displayed or used in different ways in their artistic practice.

Miloš Cathals
Milos Cathals is an improvisational quartet dedicated to the concepts of feedback, synergy and self-organisation. Four interconnected systems bring a different element of live electronics to the table; as bio-sensors, modular synthesizers and generative stochastic algorithms are all integrated into a larger system. Every choice leads to changes that shift and shake the behaviour of the system, challenging the others to alter, or adapt to the new conditions. Members: Giuliano Anzani, Kyriakos Charalampides, Michele Abolaffio, Chris Loupis.

Vlad V Vlaev – HexApp
HexApp is an instrumental & live electronics project that puts the relationship between the input of a physical gesture of a musician and the resultant sonic output in a new context. It is an exploration of the capabilities of a digital processing engine, developed to transform acoustic sound in real time. The transformations occupy the broad spectrum of musical expression between immersive slowly unfolding and evolving drone-like textures and emerging sharply articulated grainy sounds.Jakub Pišek