live @ DUWO House of Music (the Hague)_16.06.2017

Live improv set with Orestis Zafeiriou and Aidan Gross.

Students from the course “Live Electronic Music” of the Sonology Institute are self-organizing a final live concert where live electronics and free improvisation will be the main theme. They will form small groups and improvise using ‘electronic means’ of any kind.

Line up:

Giannicola Jones Margarucci – Laptop
Berk Ozdemir – Laptop

Daniele Fabris – Laptop/signal processing
Laura Agnusdei – Saxophone

Yannis Patoukas – El. Guitar & live processing
Orestis Zafeiriou – Modular
Aidan Gross – Modular

Volkan Turgut – Laptop

Giannicola Jones Margarucci – Laptop
Jan Rib – El. Guitar
Casper van Beusekom- Glove
Andrea Vogrig – Snare

Ernest Vilsons – Stainless steel bowls
Max van der Wal – NANY
Aidan Gross – Modular

Niels De Bakker – Beamer

Jan Rib – Laptop