live @ STEIM Amsterdam: “REAR EAR”_21.05.2018

Participated in Riccardo Marogna’s “Octopus Connection Redutch” free improvisation ensemble.

More info about the event:

REAR EAR is a new event designed by the young squad of STEIM; interns and master students from the Institute of Sonology. They are setting up an evening full of different types of performances, from live electronics using self-built instruments to free improvisation and immersive listening experiences. It will be a night full of surprising and exotic sonorities by a new generation of musicians from all over the world.


is a persona for improvised exploration of home made instruments, hardware processing and accidental acoustic arrangements. Each performance aims to respond to it’s surroundings and, in that spirit, expect a unique sonic investigation of the large scale Aula venue at STEIM.

LEDEN and Laura Agnusdei
a live performances based on a real-time processing of saxophone’s sounds, using digital devices designed by Daniele Fabris to sculpt, mold and generate surreal sonorities. Laura’s playing, involving different extended techniques and the use of the sax’s mechanics, is the only sound source of their live set. This new repertoire, inspired by artist like Tim Hecker and Colin Stetson, combines the emotional power of melody with experimental ambient soundscapes.…/leden-laura-agnusdei-live…

Slavo Krekovic
Performs music with electronics solo or as a member of various projects (Voice Over Noise, Shibuya MotorsVritti). The new concert project-series ‘Inhuman Desires’ is an improvised algorithmic sound apocalypse with an artificial female vocalist, erratic synthesized sounds and uncertain ending, partly inspired by visionary writings of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit of the 1990s. Press K for collapse.

A Electroacoustic ensemble devoted to graphic-based collective improvisation and funny game pieces
featuring: Riccardo Marogna (tenor sax, clarinets, conduction), Laura Agnusdei (baritone sax), Görkem Arikan (live electronics), Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni (voice), Tony Guarino (drums), Elisabeth Lusche (trumpet), Julio Molina Moya (guitar), Yannis Patoukas (guitar), Rob Schuttz (bass), Vlad Vlaev (guitar)

Andreas Tegnander
With the use of heavily processed violins and home made digital instruments the performance will seek to construct a somewhat different time flow, one more similar to that of meditation. This state will be achieved weaving slow pulses and circular harmonic movements into a calming matter.

Görkem Arıkan
is a performer and composer, currently working on a performance system consist of a sensor based interface derived from a wireless game controller. The aim of the performance is to translate body effort to sound by processing various sources such as live input, pre-recorded materials, and digital oscillations.