Residency: WORM studio, Rotterdam_16-23.1.2022

My piece “Spectate” was made during my one-week residency in WORM studio in Rotterdam. Recordings taken from my own improvisations in the studio and a live improvisation concert which was streamed live on Worm Radio on 16/1/2022, [featuring Lucija Gregov (cello), Henk Bakker (bass clarinet), Matthias Hurtl (live electronics), Lukas Simonis (el.guitar) and Yannis Patoukas (el.guitar)] were used as starting material to be reworked and transformed later by using a modular system and several analogue synthesizers.

The result is a 31 min piece which consists of a mashup of smaller studio compositions where the listener is put to adapt to several spontaneous collisions of recorded improvisations and (not) carefully constructed noises, often combined with el.guitar and keyboard sounds or interrupted by short clips of voices and dialogues.

“Spectate”, produced for WORM and “Dr Klangendum” is featured on the online radio platform “Concertzender” :