Residency @ WORM studio w/ Panos Ghikas 18.6.2023

Last June, Yannis and Panos were invited to perform live as part of an Expanded Radio broadcast and to engage in a creative residency at the WORM sound studio. Their final one-hour radio piece is a blend of shorter studio compositions that the two musicians crafted. They manipulated recorded material derived from both their live broadcasted performance and studio sessions. The piece was driven by spontaneous ideas that emerged during their live performance and their improvisational approach in the studio.

Panos Ghikas is a London-based composer, improviser and producer. His output encompasses concert music, free improvisation, interdisciplinary collaborations in digital media, film music and pop production. He is a member of surrealist post-pop band The Chap and runs Migro Records. His work features in over 60 releases and has been performed and broadcast internationally.

Yannis Patoukas is a musicologist, electroacoustic composer and improviser currently based in Rotterdam (NL). In his music, he explores the different creative possibilities found at the intersections between experimental rock music of the 1960s and 1970s and electroacoustic music; with regard to studio practices and production techniques. When inside a recording studio, he usually follows a more improvisational workflow; welcoming mistakes, trusting random or open processes and always making the most of the physicality of any device in the vicinity. He is attracted by the “technical limitations” found in analogue technology and enjoys the performability of tape machines, mixing desks and voltage-controlled modular systems alongside other devices or instruments.

Listen Here: